I'm happy to welcome both SCAPE Landscape Architecture and Rogers Partners into the jpCADconsulting fold.


Quality work and quality folks at both locations!

JP CAD Consulting

My name is James Pertusi and I'm a CAD Consultant.  My job is to take the responsibility of maintaining your CAD environment off the shoulders of your staff (after all... they have better things to do with their time).


Here is a short list of the things I can do for you:


  • Purchase recommendation (so you spend your money on what you need and not on a bunch of stuff you don't)
  • Deployment and configuration (so the software is installed properly and configured to operate efficiently)
  • Upgrade planning (so your staff always has the most up to date tools, and the switch is seamless)
  • End user training (so your staff knows how to make use of it)
  • Standards implementation (so your staff makes use of the standards you worked so hard to come up with)
  • Troubleshooting (so when something does go wrong it's not your staff spending an afternoon resolving the issue)
  • Best practices training (so your staff can prevent problems from happening in the first place)
  • Customization (so as your staff's needs evolve the software can keep up with them)


If you'd like to know a little more, click on About Me (I promise I'll try to keep that short, I know you're busy).


If you've read enough and would like to get into more detail feel free to contact me to arrange a call or meeting.

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