I'm happy to welcome both SCAPE Landscape Architecture and Rogers Partners into the jpCADconsulting fold.


Quality work and quality folks at both locations!

Why Me?

Why have me do all this stuff for you?


Fair question.


Breadth of experience.  Over my last twenty years or so I've come at this profession from all angles: as an Architect, as IT support and as a CAD manager. I've seen every issue you can imagine. I know it inside and out. I speak your language and the language of everyone you collaborate with. I get it.


Proactive Support.  I insist on a minimal amount of scheduled on site time. I have found that this is enough to resolve most issues before they evolve into real problems. I also find that face to face contact is a much better method than email or phone for communicating the real nature of an issue. You can read more about my methodology by clicking "Methodology" over there on the left.


Continuity. It's just me here at JP CAD Consulting.  I'm the only one who answers your emails and phone calls and I'm the only one who shows up at your office.  If I have learned one thing in the past twenty years its that continuity is paramount in effectively maintaining a CAD environment. Your problems become my problems.  I don't just know about them... I know them.

For the past 5 years I've been on my own acting as a dedicated CAD manager for a few terrific firms in the city; giving them just that kind of personal attention, continuity and experience. When I show up I'm still greeted with smiles and I am very proud of that.


Before that, I helped build Control Group's reputation as New York's premier architectural IT support company. During that time I was the CAD manager to many of the city's most highly regarded architecture firms.  I also gained a great deal of experience in network infrastructure and how CAD interacts with it.  I've seen every problem you can imagine from both perspectives.  I still do contract work for them.


Earlier still I graduated from The Syracuse University School Of Architecture and worked as an architect for 9 years in New York City. I worked on projects large and small including a four year stay at Pei Partnership Architects working on The Bank Of China's headquarters in Beijing. I am well versed in all the pain points of using CAD to create, organize and share very large amounts of data.

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