I'm happy to welcome both SCAPE Landscape Architecture and Rogers Partners into the jpCADconsulting fold.


Quality work and quality folks at both locations!

Before I tell you about how I work, let me take a minute to tell you about how I don’t work.


I won’t work in a “break-fix” environment.  In my experience, it benefits no one. By the time I get called, the issue has usually existed for some time and the client is already frustrated by it.  The call likely comes shortly before a deadline when the issue is preventing folks from completing their work.  At that point, I don’t have enough time to properly diagnose and resolve the issue.  The client is unhappy and I look bad. It’s lose lose.


I prefer to work in a more proactive way.  It goes like this:


We schedule some regular on site time at your office.  Usually about 4 hours a week (sometimes more at the beginning while I’m sorting things out, but ultimately, 4 hours).  This is plenty of time for me to deal with issues before they become real problems and generally keep your CAD environment in ship shape.


Of course I’m also available by phone or email at any time and I have the ability to work remotely on an issue when I’m not physically there.

That’s it.  4 hours a week, no issues.

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